Summary: Twenty-seven yeast species were tested for growth on methylamine and -butylamine as sole nitrogen sources. Five species (including ) failed to grow on either amine, and a further five grew only on -butylamine. The remainder grew on both amines. Amine oxidase activity was detected in extracts of all the strains which could grow on amines, but was generally absent from cells grown on ammonia or nitrate. From measurements in cell-free extracts of oxidase activity for a number of different amines, it is concluded that most such strains have at least two amine oxidases of different substrate specificity, and that the substrate specificity also varies between different yeast species. Based on these observations, four different groups of yeasts could be distinguished. Formaldehyde dehydrogenase activity was elevated in cells grown on amines or nitrate compared with those grown on ammonia, and activity was generally higher in cells grown on methylamine than in those grown on -butylamine or nitrate.


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