Summary: The utilization of SO by washed cells of f. sp. was light-dependent. The stoichiometry for SO oxidation and CO assimilation was 1:3·5. Both processes were inhibited by O, but this effect was partially reversed by flushing the reaction mixture with argon. A variety of inhibitors of thiol groups and electron transport, as well as uncouplers and ionophores, restricted these activities. During the oxidation of S-labelled SO by washed cells, the sulphone S atom (from SSO ) was rapidly oxidized to SO via SO , whereas the first identifiable product of the oxidation of the sulphane S atom (from SSO ) was S and then elemental sulphur, which was extruded into the medium and then reutilized and oxidized to SO . A number of inhibitors of thiol groups and respiratory carriers, as well as ionophores, also restricted the oxidation of SO .


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