SUMMARY: Eight strains lacking lytic activity (LA) were found to excrete agar-diffusible factors inhibiting the LA of LA-positive strains of the same species. The same eight strains, when tested against LA-positive indicator strains from other species of , caused marked LA inhibition only of strains of and , both species closely related to . Micrococci and planococci, unlike staphylococci, do not normally show LA, yet and strains produced inhibitors effective against the LA of almost all the indicator strains, and planococci inhibited the LA of a few indicator strains. strains caused LA inhibition of homologous indicators only, i.e. exceptional strains exhibiting LA. Thus, a specific and a non-specific type of LA inhibition can be distinguished, and it is suggested that the apparent lack of LA might, in some instances, be explained by the simultaneous production of a specific inhibitor.


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