SUMMARY: Cerulenin at a concentration of 10 μg ml only slightly inhibited growth of YY88 while at 50 μg ml it inhibited the growth rate by 20--35% in complex media, and by 50-60% in mineral medium containing a single carbon source. Cerulenin (50 μg ml) only partially prevented the secretion of α-amylase, proteases and levansucrase when added to bacteria growing in complex medium, but completely prevented the secretion of these enzymes in the mineral medium. Lower concentrations of cerulenin (10 μg ml) inhibited the secretion of the enzymes in the mineral medium by up to 40%. When the cells were incubated with -[S]-methionine (plus a complete amino acid mixture) in the presence of cerulenin (50 μg ml) protein secretion was lowered by 68%. Cerulenin inhibited translocation of membrane-bound forms of the secreted enzymes to 18% of the control value and the incorporation of radioactive methionine into membranes to 46%. These results suggest that the membrane-bound forms of secreted proteins play an important role in the secretion process in .


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