SUMMARY: Phage Iα was isolated from sewage from Windhoek, South West Africa. It formed relatively clear plaques about 2 mm in diameter, on sensitive strains of K12 and LT2. The phage had an hexagonal outline with a diameter of about 24 nm, contained RNA and was resistant to chloroform. Phage lα formed plaques or propagated only on organisms carrying I plasmids or the Iγ plasmid R621a. The efficiency of plating was higher on than on hosts. The phage adsorbed along the length of shafts of I pili.

Phage I-2 was isolated from Pretoria sewage. It was a filamentous virus and individual virions varied considerably in length. Phage I-2 formed turbid plaques which varied from pin point to about 1 mm in diameter on all hosts. It was resistant to RNAase and sensitive to chloroform. Phage I-2 had a spectrum of activity limited to strains harbouring I plasmids but the adsorption site could not be demonstrated. The phage was not related serologically to phages If1 or PR64FS.


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