SUMMARY: Wild and laboratory strains of show varying levels of sensitivity to cycloheximide (actidione). Mutants resistant to 1.0 μg cycloheximide ml were isolated from UV light-irradiated oidia of two strains unable to grow on more than 0.25 μg cycloheximide ml. Of 13 induced mutants, 12 fell into one complementation group, ; mutants at this locus were usually recessive, but one of those isolated carried a dominance modifier gene, , which led to partial resistance in dikaryons heterozygous for . Modcy was dominant in dikaryons to its non-mutant allele , but it had no effect in diploids. However, it affected all alleles tested in dikaryons. Linkage data are presented for and another cycloheximide resistance gene, , which is found in wild strains.


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