SUMMARY: Proline and the solute used to control the osmotic potential of the medium, either sucrose or KCl, accumulated in the hyphae of as the steady state external potential deceased. Proline also accumulated in three other lower fungi. Very little polyol was detected in any of the species analysed. Proline was lost following hypoosmotic shock and accumulated after hyperosmotic shock in The time taken for growth to resume after shock treatment was variable, but less than 5 h. Potassium was the predominant cation in hyphae grown on sucrose but chloride was insufficient to maintain electroneutrality. The potassium to sodium ratio followed a similar pattern to the radial growth rate with respect to external potential, with maxima at a potential slightly below the highest potential tested. When the osmoticum was sucrose, the calculated internal potential was 20% greater than the observed osmotic potential, but when the osmoticum was KCl, the calculated potential was too high by a factor of more than two, probably indicating error in assumptions concerning the location of ions within the hyphae.


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