SUMMARY: The fatty acid profiles of 74 strains of mycolic acid-containing coryneform bacteria were examined by gas-liquid chromatography. All of the strains contained major amounts of straightchain and monounsaturated fatty acids although some also possessed substantial amounts of 10-methyloctadecanoic acid. - and -branched acids were not present. Five distinct fatty acid patterns were evident: (i) and strains contained major amounts of hexadecanoic and hexadecenoic acids; (ii) and related saprophytic and animal-associated strains, predominantly hexadecanoic and octadecenoic acids; (iii) , major amounts of octadecenoic and 10-methyloctadecanoic acids; (iv) , significant amounts of heptadecanoic acid as well as hexadecanoic and octadecenoic acids; and (v) strains related to possessed significant quantities of 10-methyloctadecanoic acid in addition to straight-chain and monounsaturated acids.


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