By enriching sewage with or strains harbouring the plasmid EDP208, a constitutive pilus-producing derivative of plasmid F , a phage was isolated which plated on these two organisms but not on isogenic strains without the plasmid. The phage was named F ; it had a hexagonal outline with a diameter of 28 nm, contained RNA, was resistant to chloroform, and probably adsorbed preferentially to the sides of EDP208 pili very near the tip. Phage multiplication could be demonstrated on or strains carrying the plasmid F , but an increase in titre did not occur on strains carrying plasmids of the F complex. Results of phage multiplication experiments on strains carrying the depressed pilus-producing plasmids R71 or TP224-Tc, which determine pili serologically related to those of EDP208, were inconclusive. Phage F was found to be serologically related to phage UA-6. another isolate specific for EDP208.


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