Phage t was isolated from sewage from Pretoria. It formed plaques only on and strains that carried plasmids belonging to incompatibility group T. Five of six group T plasmids permitted visible lysis of R host strains. There was no visible lysis of J53-2 or LT2 carrying the T plasmid Rts1 although the strains supported phage growth as indicated by at least a 10-fold increase in phage titre. The latter strains transferred the plasmid at high frequency to strain CSH2 and the resulting transconjugants plated the phage. strain PM5006(R402) failed to support phage growth although it transferred the plasmid and concomitant phage sensitivity to J53-2. The phage was hexagonal in outline, RNA-containing, resistant to chloroform and adsorbed to the shafts of pili determined by T plasmids.


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