A numerical taxonomic study of strains of , together with representatives of and , showed 12 reasonably distinct phenons. These phenons corresponded in the main with recognized species. Phenon 1 contained and , and phenon 2 represented Phenon 3 comprised haemolytic V-requiring strains similar to Phenons 4 and 5 were very similar, and comprised a number of V-requiring strains including and Phenon 6 contained and a few other strains from fowls or swine. Phenon 8 represented and , and phenon 9 contained strains. Phenons 7, 10 and 11 contained strains of and , and strains of were recovered in phenon 12. The last appeared not to belong to the genus A small proportion of strains were unclustered. Although the groupings were broadly satisfactory, they were not as sharply demarcated as phenons in comparable taxonomic studies, and the reasons for this are discussed.


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