pLE2451, a 24.5 megadalton conjugative plasmid from , was capable of efficiently mobilizing gonococcal ß-lactamase plasmids between gonococci and from gonococci to and restriction-deficient Donor strains of carrying pLE2451 were also found to be capable of mobilizing a variety of non-conjugative plasmids originally derived from enteric bacteria or species when such plasmids were resident in Nevertheless, pLE2451 was not detected physically in or transconjugants. This suggests that the plasmid is unstable in these hosts but survives transiently to provide transfer functions for mobilization. The proficiency of pLE2451 in promoting intraspecific and intergeneric mobilization was not paralleled by pUB701, pRI234 and pFR16017, a series of conjugative plasmids derived originally from species. These plasmids were incapable of mobilizing even ß-lactamase plasmids, such as RSF0885, between species.


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