SUMMARY: The Clarke-Carbon colony bank containing ColEl- hybrid plasmids was screened by conjugation for complementation of the citrate synthase lesion of a mutant. Three ColEl--- plasmids were identified: pLC26--17 (16·3 kilobase pairs), pLC27--18 (16·35 kb) and pLC31--28 (26·0 kb). The citrate synthase activities of strains containing the hybrid plasmids were amplified 3- to 10-fold. Genetic studies indicated that the smaller plasmids may contain at least part of the succinate dehydrogenase gene (). A physical map of a 19·4 kb region of the chromosome containing the citrate synthase gene () was constructed by restriction analysis with the isolated plasmids. The relative positions of 20 restriction sites were defined and a region (3·1 kb) containing the gene was identified in the segment common to all three plasmids.


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