SUMMARY: strains which contain plasmid RP1 are resistant to carbenicillin, kanamycin and tetracycline and can serve as donors of the plasmid, but such R strains are not susceptible to the RP1-specific phage PRR1. Since both conjugation and phage PRR1 infection are mediated by the plasmid-specified pilus, the lack of phage binding suggests some functional alteration of the pilus. In this report we demonstrate that RP1 pili are produced by R cells, but unlike the RP1 pili produced by PRR1-susceptible strains, the R pili do not inactivate phage PRR1. Antibody produced against R pili prevents phage PRR1 binding to RP1 pili from PRR1-susceptible strains of and , and also inhibits plasmid transfer by those strains. Antibody produced against RP1 pili from and inhibits plasmid transfer both by those strains and by R donors. Phage PRR1 rendered non-infectious by RNAase treatment prevents plasmid transfer by and but not by


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