The temperate actinophage SH10 has a wide host-range. In size and morphology it is similar to phage λ. It has a latent period of 40 to 50 min. The average burst size depends on the host strain and varies between 60 and 100 at 28 °C. At 37 °C the burst size is diminished by a factor of ten. The adsorption constant varies between 1.55 × 10 and 8.8 × 10 ml min depending on the host strain. After mutagenesis by combined u.v.- and X-irradiation, clear and virulent mutants of SH10 were isolated. In addition, thermosensitive mutants of SH10 were obtained which fall into three complementation groups. The thermosensitive character was host-dependent. Phage SH10 is sensitive to sodium pyrophosphate and viable deletion mutants were isolated by virtue of their increased pyrophosphate resistance.


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