Phospho-2-keto-3-deoxy-heptonate aldolase (DAHP synthase) of ATCC 15926 was inhibited by L-tyrosine. The inhibition was competitive with erythrose 4-phosphate as the varied substrate but non-competitive with respect to phosphoenol-pyruvate. Anthranilate synthase was inhibited by L-tryptophan. The inhibition was competitive with respect to chorismate but non-competitive with L-glutamine or NH as the varied substrate. DAHP synthase and anthranilate synthase were not repressed when aromatic amino acids were included in the growth medium. In bacteria grown in the presence of L-phenylalanine, the anthranilate synthase activity was enhanced about threefold compared with the control. Similar results were obtained with the mutant strain ACN, which produces increased amounts of pyrrolnitrin.


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