A phage isolated from lysates of phage CP-54 grown on 569 and selected on the basis of its ability to infect var. 1715 (serotype I) was designated CP-54Ber. Phages CP-54Ber and CP-54 were similar in size, morphology, cryosensitivity and stabilization by dimethyl sulphoxide. They showed significant differences with regard to inactivation by specific antiserum, adsorption to the strains and host range. Phage CP-54Ber was able to mediate generalized transduction in the host strain 1715 with frequencies ranging between 1 × 10and 1 × 10. Cotransduction of markers was demonstrated. Cross-transduction occurred between strains belonging to serotype I whereas it was more difficult to observe when lysates were prepared on strains from other serotypes.


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