The activity of enzymes involved in polyol metabolism was investigated in uredospores and mycelial cultures of the flax rust fungus, Mycelial cultures displayed polyol dehydrogenase activity with a range of sugars using either NADH or NADPH as a cofactor. Highest activity was found with fructose and NADPH. The relative pattern with different substrates was unaffected by the carbohydrate used in the culture medium. Highest absolute activity was detected with culture media containing D-glucitol or D-mannitol. Mannitol and D-arabitol were the polyols oxidized by mycelial extracts. Flax rust uredospores could use aldohexoses, ketohexose and aldopentoses as substrates for polyol synthesis. Uredospore extracts were also capable of oxidizing D-arabitol with NAD as cofactor.


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