The assignment to linkage group VII of the coumarin sensitivity mutation , which leads to a loss of colony-forming ability on agar containing coumarin, was established using the linkage group VII markers and Complementation of the and mutations was an effective method of selecting heterozygous diploids at 21±1βC, i.e. without requiring a temperature sensitivity mutation. A morphological mutation, , which affects the distribution of fruiting bodies was also assigned to linkage group VII. Both the and mutations were discovered in the strain NP187. Eight independently isolated, recessive mutations leading to resistance to 300 μg CoCl ml were allelic with the mutation. The partially dominant mutation was shown to map in linkage group VII on the basis of its segregation relative to the and mutations and is almost certainly an allele of the locus. These results are consistent with there being only a single locus at which mutations can lead to resistance to high concentrations of CoCl. Two temperature sensitivity mutations and were also assigned to linkage group VII.


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