SUMMARY: The characteristics of 152 strains of lactobacilli were examined, and strains divided into three groups. fermented inositol, sorbose, glycerol and rhamnose but not melibiose or raffinose, failed to grow in 4 % bile salt, but gave a positive Voges-Proskauer reaction and a rapid acid clot in Yeastrel glucose litmus milk (). would not ferment these sugars, nor tolerate 4 % bile salt, rarely gave a positive Voges-Proskauer reaction, but. produced a rapid acid clot in always fermented melibiose, usually raffinose and sometimes rhamnose, but did not ferment inositol, sorbose or glycerol. Strains of these species tolerated 4% bile salt but gave a negative Voges-Proskauer reaction and produced an acid clot in only slowly.


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