Cultures of KDHS2 reduced NO to NH with a concurrent increase in molar growth yield of 15·7% compared with fermentatively grown bacteria. The bacteria exhibited a (NO ) of 0·5 mM and reduced NO- maximally at a rate of 0·1 μmol h (mg dry wt). A partially purified nitrate reductase was obtained which had a (NO-) of 0·15 mM. The reduction of NO to NH by resting bacteria was not inhibited by NH , glutamate, glutamine, methionine sulphoximine or azaserine. Glutamine synthetase affected neither the synthesis nor the activity of the NO -reducing enzymes. The results are consistent with the hypothesis that NO reduction to NH in this sp. is dissimilative. SO , but not SO , inhibited the reaction, apparently at the level of NO reduction.


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