Duplexes were prepared between C-labelled rRNA from both C7 and N54 and DNA from 16 actinomycetes representing the genera and . The relationships between the organisms were determined by plotting the temperature at which 50 % of the duplex was denatured (T (e)) against the percentage of rRNA binding (μg C-labelled rRNA duplexed per 100 μg filter-bound DNA). All of the strains formed stable duplexes but each organism occupied a definite area on the rRNA similarity map. All of the organisms share a close phylogenetic relationship but representatives of the genera and fell into four recognizable clusters on the similarity map. These data support and extend current trends in the classification of and allied taxa. The guanine plus cytosine content of the DNA from the test strains was within the range 69·3 to 76·9 mol %.


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