SUMMARY: Esterases of 14 strains of , 14 strains of , 16 strains of and 16 strains of were analysed by horizontal electrophoresis in polyacrylamide-agarose gel. Four principal esterase bands (designated E to E and nine minor bands differing in their activity towards synthetic substrates and in their sensitivity to heat and to di-isofluoropropyl phosphate were defined. The comparative distribution of bands showed that the four species analysed were characterized by distinct electrophoretic patterns of their esterases. Band E was found in all four species, bands E and E only in and band E only in some strains of The apparent molecular weights of esterases E and E, determined by electrophoresis in a 4 to 30 % polyacrylamide gradient gel, were 58000 (± 1000) and 72000 (± 1800), respectively.


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