Summary: NCIB 8639 utilized a number of cellulosic substrates and produced extracellular carboxymethylcellulase and activity towards Avicel (a milled micro-crystalline cellulose powder). Both types of enzyme were synthesized in media containing glucose but the activity was influenced by the nature and concentration of the carbon source. The ratio of carboxymethylcellulase activities measured by reducing sugar production and by viscosity decrease was also influenced by the nature of the cellulosic substrate supplied to cultures. The greatest extracellular enzyme production occurred in cultures grown on microcrystalline cellulose powders such as Avicel and Whatman CC31 at concentrations up to 4% (w/v). The greatest degradation rate observed was in cultures supplied with Avicel where 60 % of the substrate was degraded in 4 d.


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