Summary: The localization of cellulase components in a sp. isolated from activated sludge was studied. Endoglucanases were found in the culture media during growth on cellulose but not on cellobiose. Gel filtration and electrophoresis indicated that the extracellular enzyme contained two components, EI and EII. During growth on both substrates intracellular endoglucanases and aryl-β-glucosidases were formed. Late-exponential phase organisms from media containing cellulose or cellobiose were subjected to osmotic shock treatment or to spheroplast formation. Osmotic shock fluid contained endoglucanases and aryl-β-glucosidases. Spheroplast formation also released these enzymes. The glucosidases could be separated into aryl-β-glucosidase I and aryl-β-glucosidase II by ion-exchange chromatography. Endoglucanase was located differently on the cell surface depending on whether the growth substrate was cellulose or cellobiose. The cytoplasm contained another endoglucanase and aryl-β-glucosidase I. None of the enzymes hydrolysed avicel, but all except aryl-β-glucosidase III hydrolysed carboxymethylcellulose. All aryl-β-glucosidases, but none of the endoglucanases, hydrolysed cellobiose.


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