Summary: Antigens of the outer envelope from serovar (Hond Utrecht IV) were extracted by 50% (v/v) ethanol or by sodium dodecyl sulphate and serological analysis suggested that they were identical. The “fraction 4” extracted by alkali was found to contain glycoproteins of high (retentate) and low (filtrate) molecular weight; the latter behaved like a hapten in serology and in animal immunization experiments. Antibodies were raised in rabbits against this hapten by conjugating it to bovine albumin fraction V. The antiserum was found to react with both the low molecular weight and high molecular weight glycoproteins. This anti-hapten serum contained little or no whole-cell-agglutinating antibodies. The fraction 4 retentate behaved like a complete antigen in serological and immunization studies. Fraction 4 retentate and the outer envelope preparations were serologically related but they were not identical. Chemical studies revealed similarities between the carbohydrate component of the outer envelope obtained by ethanol extraction and fraction 4. The outer envelope extracted by ethanol, fraction 4 and its low and high molecular weight glycoproteins contained arabinose, rhamnose, fucose, xylose, mannose, galactose, glucose, glucosamine and glucuronic acid. Three unidentified peaks were observed in gas-liquid chromatographic analysis of the -trimethylsilyl derivatives of methyl glycosides of all these samples and one of these peaks co-eluted with the -trimethylsilyl derivative of 3--methylmannose.


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