SUMMARY: sp., strain JCM grown photoautotrophically in the presence of naphthalene oxidized the aromatic hydrocarbon to -1,2-dihydroxy-1,2-dihydronaphthalene, 4-hydroxy-1-tetralone and 1-naphthol. The major metabolite was 1-naphthol. Each product was isolated and shown to have ultraviolet and mass spectra identical to those of authentic compounds. In addition, each metabolite had properties identical to those of authentic compounds when analysed by thin-layer, high-pressure liquid and gas-liquid chromatography. Experiments with [C]naphthalene showed that, over a 24 h period, the organism oxidized 4.8 % of the added naphthalene. The ratio of organic-soluble to water-soluble metabolites was 41:59. Incubation of whole organisms with naphthalene and O led to the isolation of 1-naphthol that contained O. The organism oxidized 1-[C]naphthol to 4-hydroxy-1-tetralone. The mechanism of naphthalene oxidation by this cyanobacterium is discussed.


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