Summary: Strains of can inhibit the growth of . One strain released a potent agar-diffusible gonococcal growth inhibitor which was extracted and assayed in an agar well assay system. The culture conditions necessary to produce the inhibitor were determined. The inhibitor was bacteriostatic, in most cases, for . Based on ultrafiltration and column chromatography, the inhibitor appeared to have a molecular weight in the range of 1200 to 2000. Evidence that the molecule contained charged sites was obtained by membrane binding and column chromatography. The inhibitor was stable to extremes of heat, cold and pH. It was not volatile or susceptible to proteolytic enzymes, lysozyme, lipase, DNAase, RNAase or certain chelating agents. Its activity was completely blocked by ferric ammonium citrate. This inhibitor is dissimilar to previously reported gonococcal inhibitors of bacterial origin.


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