Summary: Eight mutants of deficient in -type cytochrome were detected by their inability to catalyse the conversion of α-naphthol plus dimethyl--phenylenediamine to indophenol. From the properties of two of these mutants which completely lacked spectrophotometrically detectable -type cytochrome, evidence was provided for the presence of a respiratory pathway which terminates in a cytochrome -like oxidase. The presence of this pathway allows mutants lacking -type cytochrome to grow aerobically, and also explains many of the non-mitochondrial features of the aerobic respiratory chain of the wild-type. None of the mutants had significantly lower levels of -type cytochromes compared with the parental strain, but two mutants were deficient in cytochrome . All of the mutants could reduce nitrate, but four of them were unable to denitrify and these showed poor growth with nitrate as added terminal electron acceptor.


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