Summary: Spores of the fission yeast have been separated from vegetative cells by a simple and rapid centrifugation (800 for 20 min) through a 35% Hypaque solution to a purity >95%. Approximately 35% of the spores were recovered. Regrowth in EMM2 plus glucose showed that over 97% of the spores germinated within the first 2 h and outgrowth continued between 5 and 10 h. Sucrose induced germination in > 95% of the spores with a 1 h delay and outgrowth in 50 % of the spores with a 3 h delay. There was little protein synthesis during germination but the protein content increased linearly coincident with outgrowth. The RNA content increased slightly during germination, but increased linearly 1 h before the onset of outgrowth and protein synthesis. After 8 h of regrowth, coincident with the onset of DNA synthesis, the rate of RNA synthesis was accelerated. The DNA content had increased 1.7-fold after 10 h of regrowth from a haploid level of 1.36 × 10 μg spore.


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