Gel electrophoresis of DNA from 95 clinical isolates of and resistant to antibiotics revealed a heterogeneous plasmid population. Most of the plasmids were smaller than 6 megadaltons (Mdal). Six isolates with the most common antibiotic resistance pattern were characterized. They had two plasmids in common: one was a self-transmissible Fi+ plasmid of 46 Mdal encoding tetracycline resistance, while the other was a 5.5 Mdal non-conjugative plasmid encoding resistance to streptomycin and sulphafurazole. In addition, several cryptic plasmids ranging in size from 1.0 to 24.5 Mdal were present. Mobilization of the 5.5 Mdal SuSm plasmid and a 1.0 Mdal cryptic plasmid was demonstrated with all six isolates during conjugation. This mobilization was mediated by the 46 Mdal self-transmissible Fi+ R plasmid and also by a 24.5 Mdal Fi- plasmid carrying no known drug resistance determinants.


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