Wall turnover in has been studied by measuring the incorporation and release of -diamino[C] pimelic acid. The rate of turnover was low in vegetatively growing organisms. Following the addition of 0.5 M-glycerol to induce myxospore formation in organisms that had been labelled for one generation in the absence of glycerol, increased rates of incorporation and release were observed both before and during cellular morphogenesis. Chloramphenicol inhibited glycerol-induced myxospore formation, but only partially blocked the release of -diaminopimelic acid. A mutant, non-inducible by glycerol, was isolated and was found to show no increased autolytic activity in the presence of glycerol. Both parent and mutant strains could be induced to form myxospores by 17 mM-phenethyl alcohol, but with both strains there was only a slight increase in -diamino-pimelic acid release following induction.


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