Summary: Toxin produced by Clostridium botulinum types A, B, E and F may be activated by exposure to trypsin (Duff et al., 1956; Bonventre & Kempe, 1959, 1960; Iida, 1970). In C. botulinum types C and D, the toxicity of C2 toxin, which is a minor toxin produced by both types C and D, is increased when the culture supernatant is treated with trypsin (Jansen & Knoetze, 1971; Eklund & Poysky, 1972). Activation of the major toxins (C, and D), however, has never been reported. The present communication suggests that some strains of C. botulinum type D produce their major toxin in a form that may be activated by trypsin.


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