SUMMARY: NCIB 7581, when growing exponentially in a simple chemically defined medium (without 2,6-diaminopimelic acid), contained only 4 m-diaminopimelate in the free amino acid pool; this diaminopimelate was 84% (w/w) -isomer and 16% -isomer. Growing organisms could take up any of the three isomers of diaminopimelate from the medium, though the -isomer was taken up at only half the rate of the other two isomers (- and -). When lysine was also present in the medium, most (70%, w/w) of the diaminopimelate that was taken up entered peptidoglycan; only about 5% of the total uptake was into the free amino acid pool. When -diamino[C]pimelate was supplied in the medium, 86% of the diamino[C]pimelate incorporated into peptidoglycan was present as the -isomer and 14% was the -isomer.


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