SUMMARY: Mutants of K12 blocked in the oxidation of pyridoxine 5′-phosphate (‘Oxidase’ mutants) excreted pyridoxine at an initial rate of 19 pmol h (10 bacteria), i.e. 0·6 nmol h (mg dry wt), when starved for pyridoxal. Glycolaldehyde, -phosphoserine, -serine and, to a lesser extent, -leucine stimulated the rate of pyridoxine excretion, but there was no significant stimulation by 2′-hydroxypyridoxine. 4′-Deoxypyridoxine inhibited or stimulated growth of the ‘Oxidase’ mutant, depending on the relative concentrations of added pyridoxal and 4′-deoxypyridoxine. It was concluded that stimulation of growth by 4′-deoxypyridoxine was due to its conversion to pyridoxal.


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