Summary: As the first stage in investigating the genetic basis of natural variation in , the gene(s) conferring the ability to use sucrose as a carbon and energy source (given the symbol ) was transferred from a wild strain to 12, which does not use sucrose. The region was transferred by two different methods. On both occasions it took a chromosomal location at minute 50·5 on the linkage map, between and , in the region of the genes, which confer the ability to use -serine as a carbon and energy source. When the region was present in the 12 chromosome the bacteria were unable to use -serine as a carbon and energy source. In / diploids, the genes were similarly not expressed. Strain 12( ) bacteria were sensitive to inhibition by -serine; they mutated to -serine resistance with much greater frequency than did a mutant of 12. Such bacteria also mutated frequently to use raffinose. Strain 12( ) bacteria did not utilize sucrose when they carried a mutation affecting the phosphotransferase system.


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