Summary: The O8- and O9-specific lipopolysaccharides of lost their serological activity during liberation of the polysaccharide moieties (α-mannans) by mild acid hydrolysis, as tested by passive haemagglutination and haemagglutination inhibition. The serological activities and specificities were restored by substitution of the polysaccharides with 1 to 2 stearoyl groups per polysaccharide chain. The mannans obtained by biosynthesis were serologically active only when bound to the membrane-associated hydrophobic carrier molecule. Liberation of the polysaccharides from the carrier by treatment with aqueous phenol resulted in loss of the serological activity. The O8- and O9-specific mannans of are thus serologically active when they are part of an amphiphilic molecule and not as free polysaccharides.


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