SUMMARY: A systematic investigation of eighteen genera showed that staphylococci were the only potentially pathogenic group which produced a diffusible lipase detectable on solid culture medium. This lipase was obtained in filtrates of cultures grown by a well-established method for preparing staphylococcal toxins. When titrated, filtrates of very active strains showed lipolytic activity in dilutions of 1/4096, but the majority of strains had a titre of 1/256.

Whole cultures and culture filtrates of albus strains and formolized fitrates of aureus strains were found to stimulate the production of anti-lipolytic antibody in rabbit serum. The titre of the most active antiserum was 1/40, and that of the majority 1/10. Each antiserum prepared showed maximal neutralizing activity against the homologous fitrate, but all antisera studied neutralized heterologous filtrates to some extent. No evidence of naturally occurring anti-lipolytic antibody was found in any of the rabbit sera used.


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