SUMMARY: Rishitin at 300 μg ml rapidly decreased oxygen uptake by var. suspended in 0·1% (w/v) peptone water. Variation in the composition of the suspending medium affected sensitivity to rishitin, with Mg and, to a lesser extent, Ca decreasing bacterial sensitivity. Addition of 100 μg rishitin ml affected cell membrane permeability causing an increase in conductivity of the suspending medium. Inhibition of oxygen uptake by the cationic surfactant hyamine 2389 or by sodium lauryl sulphate was also alleviated by the addition of Mg suggesting that rishitin may act directly on cell membranes of bacteria, possibly in a manner similar to a cationic surfactant or a membraneactive antibiotic. The results also suggest that the sensitivity of to rishitin in potato tubers may be affected by variation in their Mg or Ca content. Phaseollin did not inhibit respiration of .


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