Over 60% of streptomycete phage, isolated from soil, were adsorbed by unsubstituted or sodium-treated kaolin, when suspended in nutrient broth, but less phage were adsorbed by sodium and calcium montmorillonite or by calcium- and aluminium-treated kaolin. The montmorillonites did, however, partially protect one of the phage from damage during experimental manipulations. Adsorption to kaolin was not influenced by pH and most of the adsorbed phage retained their infectivity. Attempts to obtain free infectious phage by desorption were unsuccessful. The pH stabilities of adsorbed and free phage differed: 50% inactivation of phage adsorbed to kaolin occurred at pH 6.1 whereas for free phage 50% inactivation occurred at pH 4.9. This suggested that δpH (pH-pH) was about 1.2 units, i.e. similar to previous estimates based on the activity of enzymes adsorbed to kaolin.


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