A structural study by methylation analysis was made of the lipopolysaccharides from and strains of which had been lysogenized with phage P27 and thereby converted to have the new O-antigen factor 27. The results were compared with previous studies on the non-converted, 27, parental strains. The change from 27 to 27 was accompanied by a change in the linkage between the repeating units of the O side-chain from galactose-(1#2)-mannose to galactose-(1#6)-mannose. In (P27), where the expression of antigen 27 is stable, 98 % of the linkages were changed, whereas only 31 to 45 % of the linkages were affected in two strains of (P27). As 71 to 85 % of the cells in the same batches of bacteria were 27 it seems probable that in these strains many bacteria contained both types of linkages in their lipopolysaccharide.


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