Heat-injured recovered tellurite resistance in 4 to 5 h when incubated at 33 C in a non-growth medium containing KHPO/KHPO buffer pH 7.1, glucose and casein hydrolysate. Only 10 % of the damaged population recovered in the absence of K, or glucose, or casein hydrolysate, or in the presence of valinomycin in medium containing 1 mM-K. The K content of cells increased two- to threefold on heating and a further three-to sixfold during the first 30 min of subsequent incubation. The Na content decreased simultaneously but Mg concentrations were not affected. Recovery was not affected by adding 1 mM-EDTA or 2 mM-Mg to the medium but the addition of 1 mM-EDTA and 2 mM-Mg together reduced recovery to < 20 %. This effect was reversed by adding 2 mM-Ca.


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