SUMMARY: The exposure of exponentially grown K12 to 52 C for 30 min in Tris/Mg buffer resulted in a considerable loss of viability when plated on tryptone agar. When such heated bacteria were held at 37 C for 2 h in tryptone broth before plating on tryptone agar, there was a significant increase in viability. Thus, heat damage was repaired in tryptone broth but not on tryptone agar. Recovery was greater in tryptone broth than in synthetic medium. In tryptone broth, or mutants also recovered but a mutant did not.

As a result of heating, the sensitivity of bacteria to ultraviolet radiation (u.v.), to mitomycin C and to plating on high salt medium was enhanced. After incubation for 2 h in tryptone broth at 37 C, the bacteria regained their resistance to u.v. and mitomycin C and tolerance to high salt medium. Recovery of viability required RNA and protein synthesis, whereas recovery of u.v. resistance did not require protein synthesis. Heating for 30 min inhibited the release of acid-soluble material from DNA in all strains of used.


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