Summary: Methods for isolating mutants of 8250 constitutive for the mandelate enzymes were compared. Non-inducing substrates were not available. Continuous culture gave no stable constitutive mutants. Alternate culture in inducing (-mandelate) and non-inducing (-glutamate) media led to the isolation of mutants mesoconstitutive for -mandelate dehydrogenase and phenylglyoxylate carboxy-lyase, and hyperinducible for benzaldehyde dehydrogenase I. Screening of possible anti-inducers showed that 2-phenyl-propionate was very effective; it was a competitive inhibitor of gratuitous induction by thiophenoxyacetate, and was used for the isolation of constitutive mutants. Some of the mutants were magnoconstitutive for -mandelate dehydrogenase, phenylglyoxylate carboxylyase and benzaldehyde dehydrogenase I and could not be further induced; others had lower specific activities which could be increased by induction with phenylglyoxylate or thiophenoxyacetate. Similar constitutive mutants were derived from a mutant which lacked -mandelate dehydrogenase.


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