Summary: The amount of NaCO added to semi-synthetic medium determined the length of the lag phase, the growth rate and the dry weight of three strains of (wv1, nor37, b835). With increasing CO concentration the molar growth yield of bacteria, from glucose, was increased and, of the fermentation products, formate increased more than the other acids. CO -limited cultures of strain wv1 (Group 2 Butyrivibrio) and strain nor37 (Group 1 Butyrivibrio) incorporated CO into lactate and formate. In nor37, lactate and formate had equal specific activities; in wv1, the formate specific activity was twice that of lactate. Strain wv1 had an active pyruvate synthase and an energy-dependent exchange between CO and formate was demonstrated. In strain wv1 butyrate was produced mainly from glucose.


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