SUMMARY: Mycelium of accumulates arginine and glutamine when deprived of an amino acid or pyrimidines, or in the presence of cycloheximide or at the end of exponential growth. A large proportion of the accumulated arginine is sequestered in an osmotically sensitive compartment. Electron microscopy of this fraction shows it consists of mitochondria and electron-dense bodies. Only a small part of the accumulated glutamine was sequestered in this fraction.

Mycelium of this fungus, when deprived of an amino acid, did not catabolize arginine due to a lack of arginase induction. A relationship is proposed between the sequestered arginine, its accumulation, and the lack of induction of arginase. The accumulated glutamine in the cytosol also prevents the catabolism of soluble arginine. Guanosine tetra- and pentaphosphate were not found in the mycelium of during the deprivation of an amino acid or after cycloheximide treatment.


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