Antigens specific for were investigated by double immunodiffusion in agar-gel. Antigenic materials were extracted from whole bacteria and some walls with cold trichloroacetic acid. Antisera were prepared by intravenous injection into rabbits of suspensions of whole organisms in solutions of bovine serum albumin, which had been heated and then washed. Four specific antigens were found as precipitinogens and denoted as antigens 11, 12, 13 and 14. Of 43 strains of studied, 33 strains possessed antigen 11, six strains antigen 12, two strains antigen 13 and two strains antigen 14. Sugar compositions of wall preparations were analysed in an attempt to characterize the determinants of antigens 11 and 12. The walls contained glucose, galactose, hexosamine and sometimes glycerol, but no rhamnose was found. It was considered that α-glucopyranose was the major component of the determinant of antigen 11 since trehalose and maltose significantly inhibited the reaction between antibody 11 and its antigen; the determinant of antigen 12 was not clarified.


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