Summary: Mutations defining three new loci, and , were detected by their ability to overcome the phosphatase-negative phenotype of early-blocked asporogenous mutants in sporulation conditions. Synthesis of alkaline phosphatase by is subject to ‘vegetative’ and ‘sporulation’ controls. The mutations resulted in constitutive production of alkaline phosphatase and so could be altered in either the ‘vegetative’ or the ‘sporulation’ control system. The and mutations only affected alkaline phosphatase formation in sporulation conditions, and were considered to be sporulation specific. They rendered ‘sporulation’ alkaline phosphatase formation independent of all the mutations tested, and so independent of the control of the dependent sequence of locus expression; as the enzyme was not formed constitutively, it remained subject to some other sporulation control.

The and loci were placed between and on the genetic map; the locus was located close to . The three loci mapped separately from all known loci.


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