Summary: Several enzymes have been assayed in grown on different substrates. The enzymes which are involved in growth on C compounds were induced by methanol and not repressed by succinate. When succinate-grown bacteria were resuspended in medium containing methanol, four enzymes unique to growth on C compounds (hydroxypyruvate reductase, serine-glyoxylate aminotransferase, methanol dehydrogenase and glycerate kinase) were fully induced by the time growth began. When methanol-grown bacteria were resuspended in medium containing succinate, all four enzyme activities decreased. Several mutants unable to grow on C compounds were examined for deficiencies in the enzymes specific for growth on these compounds. Seven of the mutants were pleiotropic, and six were not revertible by chemical mutagens, suggesting the possibility of genetic linkage or the presence of a regulon for the genes involved in C metabolism.


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