SUMMARY: Various aspects of the nutrition of four fungi which commonly inhabit percolating filters treating sewage have been studied. n.sp., a predominating fungus, required organic sources of nitrogen while sp., and were able to utilize ammonium salts; was also able to utilize nitrate. sp. and needed no external supply of vitamins, required thiamine and sp. required thiamine and biotin for optimum growth. The pH range for optimum growth was narrow (pH 7 to 8.5) for sp. while the ranges for the other fungi were much wider (pH 3 or 4 to 9).

Zn, Ca, Mn and probably Fe and Cu were required by sp., which was the only one of the four fungi inhibited by concentrations of Zn above the optimum in media partially deficient in other elements. Mn, Fe or Cu when added with Zn counteracted the inhibitory action, while Ca increased it.


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